Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp – Columbus Superfund Site, Columbus, MS

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Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust LLC — trustee of the Multistate Environmental Response Trust (the Multistate Trust) — owns and is responsible for managing and cleaning up the Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp – Columbus Superfund Site in Columbus, Mississippi, and hundreds of other contaminated sites in the United States.

The Multistate Trust is currently performing environmental actions to clean up the 89-acre former Kerr-McGee Site in Columbus (the Site). Redevelopment planning is also underway to facilitate future transfer or sale of the Site for safe, community-supported beneficial reuse.

The Multistate Trust is a court-appointed, independent trustee dedicated to this multifaceted mission in Columbus:

Protecting human health and the environment (more information)
Facilitating the safe, beneficial redevelopment of the Site (more information)
Providing opportunities for meaningful community involvement (more information)

The Multistate Trust is a member of the Greenfield Environmental Trust Group. Read more at



Current Activities at the former Kerr-McGee Site

The Multistate Trust began removing contaminated soil from a portion of the Pine Yard area of the Site in September 2018. Find more information in:

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Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about the former Kerr-McGee Site, please contact Lauri Gorton of the Multistate Trust at or (414) 732-4514.



About the Former Kerr-McGee Site in Columbus, MS

The Site is located at 2300 14th Avenue North, and consists of two parcels separated by 14th Avenue North. The former Main Plant Site occupies 45 acres south of 14th Avenue North. The 44-acre Pine Yard is located north of 14th Avenue North.

In 1928, the T.J. Moss Tie Company started wood treating operations at the Site. Wood treating ended when the Kerr-McGee plant shut down in 2003.

During operations, raw timber was brought to the Site by rail and stored in the Pine Yard and at several locations at the Main Plant.  Creosote, pentachlorophenol and other chemicals were used to pressure-treat the raw timber for use as railroad ties and other wood products.

The wood treating operations released creosote and other hazardous materials into the soil, stormwater ditch sediment and groundwater on and off the Site.

Visit the Superfund Cleanup and Site Overview pages to learn more.

Kerr-McGee Site and Context Map

Kerr-McGee Site and Context Map


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