Redevelopment Planning Initiative

Creating a Safe, Sustainable and Community-Backed Future

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The Multistate Trust has accepted responsibility for cleaning up and positioning the former Kerr-McGee Site in Columbus, Mississippi for safe, beneficial and community-supported redevelopment.

In 2016, in parallel with our Site investigation and cleanup efforts, we started a Redevelopment Planning Initiative to determine how the Site might be reused in the future, following its cleanup.

The goals of the Redevelopment Planning Initiative are to identify reuse options that are:

  • protective of people and the environment

  • economically sustainable (more information)

  • community supported


Tell Us What You Think

Please complete our brief Community Survey here. Let your voice be heard as we plan for the future of the former Kerr-McGee Site.


Community Participation in redevelopment planning

The Multistate Trust believes potential redevelopment plans should reflect the community’s goals and vision for the future and result in a Site use that will be considered an asset by the residents.

We’re trying to engage a broad cross-section of residents and other stakeholders, as part of the Redevelopment Planning Initiative.

We have provided the Memphis Town Community Action Group (CAG) with information on planning efforts. We have held informal, drop-by-format “availability sessions” at our Community Resource Building to get input from residents. We continue to encourage interested individuals to participate in neighborhood activities being coordinated by our third-party planning partner, Orion Planning + Design.


Update: Neighborhood Meeting

In April 2018, 39 participants who attended a community meeting shared their preferences for the former Kerr-McGee Site’s reuse. A health clinic and adult education center led the favorites. Other preferred uses included a community center, a bank or credit union, and single-family houses. Additional preferences were a manufacturing center, retail shopping, a grocery or market, and a park or playground.


What uses would you most like to see included in the Kerr-McGee redevelopment plan?


Other Community Activities

The Redevelopment Planning Initiative team is offering additional opportunities for the community to provide input, including:

  • Neighborhood Listening Sessions where residents will be encouraged to share ideas for the Site’s reuse by participating in small, informal gatherings.

  • Open House Workshop where residents will be invited to participate in the design and planning process.

Visit our Next Steps & Resources page for more information.

Learn about the Site’s Opportunities here and the Site’s Constraints here.


Our Market Study

As part of the Multistate Trust’s redevelopment planning efforts, a market study has been conducted to identify potential future land use and businesses that could be successful from an economic standpoint.

In order to attract development and business to the former Kerr-McGee Site that can contribute to the long-term benefit of the neighborhood, it is important to understand what the community needs, and what the local economy can support.

A few highlights of local economic conditions and market potentials by economic sector are listed below:



  • There is a need for more affordable housing in this neighborhood, particularly for seniors and disabled persons.

  • However, there may not be financing available to support construction.



  • Limited access to the site, and the availability of vacant property in other areas, may limit interest by companies that manufacture products.


Social ServiceS

  • Neighborhood-based educational and service programs – including workforce training, early childhood education, after‐school programs, services for the elderly, and access to affordable, healthy foods – would support overall neighborhood and community development.



  • Current information suggests the stores most likely to be successful would be those serving the surrounding neighborhoods.



  • Recent market conditions have been poor for transportation, warehousing and entertainment businesses.

  • However, Lowndes County has experienced a recent increase in jobs in the Information, Technology and Professional Services industries.


Prior Planning

Ensuring Redevelopment Fits with Existing Land-Use Plans


Future reuse of the former Kerr-McGee Site must meet City of Columbus zoning requirements and land-use laws. Recognizing that land use is governed locally, Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust is committed to advancing redevelopment of the Site consistent with the goals of the City of Columbus, its leaders and residents.

Our redevelopment planning is being performed consistent with the City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan and the First Memphis Town Plan.


City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan

The City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan identifies the existing Columbus Superfund Site project site as an activity center, or at least bordered by activity centers to the west and south, with a mix of industrial and medium density residential uses.  Find a copy of the full plan here.

Preliminary Planning in Partnership with Mississippi State University

In 2016, the Multistate Trust worked with J5 GBL and Mississippi State University (MSU) to lay the groundwork for redevelopment planning.

The MSU Department of Landscape Architecture prepared conceptual plans for the Site to help the community envision the range of potential future uses. The MSU College of Business provided an initial assessment of the market opportunities and financial considerations for future redevelopment.

The conceptual plans, as detailed in the Memphis Town Redevelopment Plan, illustrate a wide range of ideas and highlight broad strategies for land use and character. The Memphis Town Redevelopment Group held a public event to showcase the many options and to survey attendees to identity the preferred plans.

The two most popular plans are as follows:   


Redevelopment of Other Superfund Sites

This map shows Southeast U.S. sites in reuse and continued use. Learn more  here .

This map shows Southeast U.S. sites in reuse and continued use. Learn more here.

Learn how other communities in the Southeast United States are preparing Superfund sites for a better future. Read the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 4 report “Putting Sites to Work: How Superfund Redevelopment in the Southeast Region is Making a Difference in Communities” here.

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